Little Cakes owners Don and Becky Hein have been Vista residents for the past 10+ years, and have always been strong supporters of local small businesses in the community. After many years in the corporate and managerial world, Don found himself in 2010 looking for a new and fulfilling experience. He was led back to his roots, coming from a family full of self-starters and business owners, which includes several bakeries.  His brother, Mike Hein, and brother’s partner, Tony Portugal, run the successful Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company in Seattle, and they inspired Don to begin the adventure himself. They graciously shared many of their star recipes and flavors, including Pancakes and Bacon and French Toast.


Becky works for the non-profit organization Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), where she trains assistance dogs to work with people with disabilities. At CCI, Becky had run an ongoing event called Little Cakes, where rotating staff members would bake cupcakes and other desserts, and other staff would make honorary donations to charity as they enjoyed their treats. When it was time to name the bakery, Little Cakes was an easy choice, with Cupcake Kitchen added to emphasize the couples’ desire to create a cozy home kitchen ambiance in the shop.


Don and his wife Becky have always enjoyed hosting special events and most of all, feeding people excellent food in a welcoming atmosphere. Little Cakes has fulfilled the couple's dream of a family-run boutique cupcake bakery in their own community. “Our goal is to have guests walk away feeling like their day just became a great one due to receiving excellent customer service and delectable desserts. Nothing gives your day a boost like a great cupcake and a good host/hostess taking care of you.”