Hello there.  My name’s Don and I’m the owner and General Manager of Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen.  If you’re reading this, we probably met at some point, what with you stopping in the shop and me boxing up a cupcake or two for you.  Or maybe you don’t live near San Diego and haven’t had a chance to stop in yet.  In either case, thanks for your interest in our shop and for your time reading this.



But enough with the pleasantries.  I know why you’re here.  You’re here for something like this:






This is our dog, Myles, dressed as a hot dog for Halloween.  If you’ve ever had The Myles cupcake at our shop (which is Banana and Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter buttercream frosting and chocolate syrup), it’s named after this little guy.









This is our other dog, Norman, taking a break from playing Rock Band.  He was dressed as Elvis, but he shook the costume off.  We also have a Norman cupcake at our shop (chocolate and coconut cake topped with caramel frosting, more caramel, chocolate syrup and toasted coconut) which is named after this lovable mutt.





Then, there's these two.











That’s me and my wife, Becky, when we first started dating.  Note the smile on her face. 














Fast forward a few years later, we’re married and I tell her I want to open a bakery.  She looked at me like this:


Still a smile, but, you know…  We’ll call it, a “look of concern”. 










Then, we made it through the process of opening a business (which I hear is like giving birth, but with more screaming) and here’s proof that things worked out okay:









See, we’re smiling, we’re standing close to each other and we’re inside the finished shop. 

This is not a photo-shopped image.  It’s legit. 

And that was even before this happened





For those of you that don’t know, we recently competed on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and won.  (As you can see from this photo, I was thrilled to be on TV.)  It was quite the exciting event and has led to a big increase in business at the shop. 














After the show, she tends to look at me more like this.

The bottom line is, we made it through the wilderness.  (Somehow we made it through.)  And now, here we are, a couple of business owners who love what we do and still love each other.


Becky doesn’t work in the shop now (she has a full time job with a non-profit organization called Canine Companions for Independence), but she does give up every Saturday to do the bookkeeping for our business, she was instrumental in its design and in getting it up and running and she has spent countless hours listening to me go on and on about all things shop-related for the past three years.


Yes, we’ve been open over two years now and it took about nine months to conceive and construct the thing before it entered the world.  (Yes, nine months.  And no, I’m not just making that up to tie in with the previous metaphor.)


Considering the economic climate we’ve been weathering from 2010 to today and the competition that has popped up since our opening (including a certain place owned by a certain Cupcake Wars judge), we’re pretty darn proud of the fact that we’re not only still open, but that we continue to grow.


And that is ultimately thanks to one group of people.  Our amazing customers.  Not only do we have repeat customers, but we have very vocal repeat customers.  I can’t tell you how many people have come in saying things like, “My friends told me I have to try your cupcakes,” or “I kept hearing about you guys and figured I had to come see what all the fuss is about.”  And we think that is awesome.


When we opened our shop, our goal was to be one of Those Local Places that you cannot wait to bring visitors to.  The response from the customers and from the City of Vista has been so far beyond what we could have hoped for and it has allowed us to actually make a living being small business owners. 


And that makes us feel this cool:

Okay, maybe not that cool. 


                      That’s pretty darn cool.