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Meet Little Cakes Owner,

After many years in the corporate and managerial world, Don found himself looking for a new and fulfilling experience. 


Coming from a family full of self-starters and business owners, including several bakeries, Don was inspired to pursue his true passion: Baking delicious, home-made goods, with mouthwatering flavor concoctions like Pancakes and Bacon cupcakes! 


His wife, Becky, works Canine Companions, a non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs to work with people with disabilities. Becky had run an ongoing event called Little Cakes, where staff members would bake cupcakes and other desserts, and other staff would make honorary donations to charity as they enjoyed their treats.


Enter the name that started it all: Little Cakes. 


Don and Becky fulfilled their lifelong dream of starting a family-run boutique cupcake bakery in their own community, Vista, California, and have since expanded into several Gelson’s Market locations. 


And boy has their hard work paid off! Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen is a two time winner on the popular hit TV show, Cupcake Wars! 

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